Nostalgic post!

So, I rediscovered lj, secretly.

And although almost everyone I used to read quit, I still wanted to make an update. It has been almost 4 years since my last post and how I wish I would have known it would be my last, I would have made a 5-year plan or something.

Oh hell, I'll just fake it.

What are your goals for the next 5 4 years?

- Graduate from college
- Get a job
- Engage in a commited relationship
- Stay friends with Schnoepsenpoepsen

And except for the graduating part, I succeeded! (not very hard, when you made the goals up two minutes ago..)

Haven't changed a bit btw :)


Schade Deutschland

Haha this made me laugh..

Courtney made me update. Blame her. Oh and also I'm over the pirate guy, finally! I've moved on.. to my roommate :|

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Captain Johnny

Pirates pirates yohoho

For the last couple of years I've been under the impression that there was no hotter pirate then Johnny Depp.

I was so so so wrong.. Meet my pirate!
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You Need a Man!

You're the kind of girl who wants a boyfriend at all times...
And you're not ashamed to admit that men come first in your life.
Because of this, you've been to known to date some less than great guys just to have a boyfriend.
But you figure you'll just keep trying until you find the right one!

Damn hormones..

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I'm a sad sad panda..

And I need lots of hugs and kisses and flowers and stuff like that.. I've been walking with this stupid thing since monday.. and it won't go away!

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